9x02 “Just Can’t Get Enough”


9x02 “Just Can’t Get Enough”


tbh i just wanted maya and clare to be alone and livin’ life without dumbass boys and shit but since this is degrassi and no one ever gets to be single and free to mingle, i ship clew and maya with some fuckin common sense bye


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Don’t forget this moment.

(This video must become more bitter than sweet, at least for these people, because all of these relationships are over now)

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Anonymous asked: The people over at AV Club had a roundtable discussion on Degrassi today. In fact, it's their featured article for the day. It's sad you weren't consulted.


It’s discouraging that for all the time I’ve put into writing about Degrassi, this AV Club piece gets at least a hundred thousand more views than anything I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, their discussion is good. I particularly liked this statement:

"It’s almost nonsensical to criticize this show. Degrassi cares not for your criticism. There’s work to be done. You can either get on board or go back to the States, you hoser. I would laugh, watching the early episodes, at how silly and didactic the show was. Then an episode would end and I’d mindlessly demand another. I don’t watch TV because I like how bad it is. I was enjoying the hell out of it. There’s just something so refreshing about a show that strips out anything that isn’t crucial to plotting, message, and forward momentum. Obviously, if everyone did it, television would be a hellscape. But watching Degrassi is like watching efficiency in action."

But it also frustrated me because this man summed up Degrassi better than I ever have been able to.

make me choose: anon asked Paige Michalchuk or Ellie Nash

That’s enough time right?
Plenty of time.

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We’ve been stopped two times today for nothing! No reason other than our race!

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