bejewelled-cupcakes said: Riley is kind of my Anti-Emma. (I think Emma is just a horrible person but I can't hate her. I hate all she does but when it comes to her as a character I like her. Riley really isn't all that bad technically and I feel sympathetic for the struggles his character goes through but for some reason despite not being the worst on the show I hate him nearly on the same level I hate Ashley and Peter (he's still no Katie or Eli though I'm not that mean,) which is funny because Peter and Riley are bros.

This is getting intense! Who knew that little ol’ Riley could make such an impact?

Who else has some Riley feelings that they’d like to share? This is a safe Riley space tonight.

Anonymous said: My biggest issue with Riley was in that one scene when his mom came in with his washing all folded and started putting it away for him. Okay, so not the biggest issue but god Riley, I know you've got to hide your sexuality but please put away your own clothes.

It wasn’t a competition but I think you just won.

I will say this for Riley - I’ve never noticed a loss of followers before tonight, when I opened up the blog to a Riley-centric discussion.

Unsure what this says about Riley exactly but it does make me feel some kind of amused dread about finishing the review for 810, a Riley-centric episode.

braveasabear said: yes, he was there to be gay & then the writers didn’t know what else to do with him once that was “resolved”

I can’t find that Season 8 promo anymore but I remember that they spent a few moments introducing Judy Jiao and Argiris Karras, who were supposed to hype up their new characters - and all Judy could think to say was, “Well, I play Leia, she used to go to ballet school, now she’s at Degrassi. And that’s all I know.” So I’m going to go ahead with believing that it was the same for Riley but maybe Karras had a better agent than Jiao or something, getting a little bit more of that spotlight while she was carted off to the Degrassi Bermuda Triangle.

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brocub said: Riley was, and always will be, one of the worst characters on Degrassi. Compare Argiris acting as the closeted gay jock to other actors who have done the trope (Max Adler, Kerr Smith, Matt Battaglia). Even in their worst performances, they at least gave some life to the character. Riley always came off as flat and dead. Half the time I tried to chalk it up to him not putting up with other's bullshit, but then look at Daniel Kelly as Owen who does that feeling justice.

Hah, maybe it is just the acting.

Do you find Riley a less-awful character as time goes on and, presumably, the actor gains more experience or is it the same general reaction for you the whole time?

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braveasabear said: One of the big reasons why I didn't like his arc was because it was yet another example of someone having immigrant parents who are portrayed as caricatures. It happened with Marco and it happened again. They had already played the storyline of "traditional" and "ethnic" (eye roll at both terms) parents coming to terms with their gay son. There was no reason to re-tread that without looking culturally insensitive. Also, horrifying acting. I found Zane infinitely more interesting & underused

omggggg that was one of the most tone-deaf things about the series, especially when you throw in the depiction of Manny’s parents, too. Thanks for bringing that up.

Interestingly, lots of people are mentioning the acting (mydaleylife replied to an earlier post saying the same) - but I’m starting to think it’s more than that given the range of acting abilities on the show (ahem, Shenae). I think it’s because there isn’t really anything to like about Riley (even if you sympathize with his struggles).

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pivitor said: Riley? I don't think Riley's actor was the best actor, and the writers never integrated him into the cast that well (especially once Peter left) meaning that he vanished anytime he wasn't in the spotlight. That said, he was one of my favorite characters. I can relate a lot to that rage and that desire to be something that you're not even if it's impossible to actually pull off.

Yeah, Peter is so awful that it’s a big blow to Riley to be so closely associated with him for so long. They are best buddies in Season 8, which means poor Riley is having all these scenes that are supposed to be dramatic (or at least important) opposite Peter and that’s just too bad.

But! Thanks for reminding me about the heart of Riley’s plots, that desperation, which makes me think of Mia’s loneliness and her desire to be that carefree cheerleader (although she has a much different path to happiness than Riley). HMM. This is all really interesting, much more interesting than I have ever found Riley before.

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Anonymous said: I never really liked Riley tbh. I found him a little boring. Maybe some of my dislike/apathy for Riley was due to the below avg acting but idk. His plots got repetitive after a while, which is ok since obv coming out isn't easy or safe for a lot of ppl, BUT they did this in a repetitive/boring way imo. I'm also a little tired of the "manly jock gay dude" trope I've seen lately...obv gay guys can like sports, be "manly," etc. but some media push this too hard & it makes me a little uncomfortable

Thanks for sharing. I know that I don’t really enjoy watching Riley either, but I’m having trouble articulating why. The acting, unfortunately, is definitely a factor but I hear what you’re saying about the repetition, too. I wonder if it was because he was created to be that “closeted jock” character and nothing more than that? Hmm.

thought we had the time
had our lives
now you’ll never get older, older

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So, what do y’all think about Riley?

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